Building a new deck this year? Consider vinyl deck boards as the material of choice for your project. Durable and easy to maintain, vinyl decking is worth every penny and will make a great addition to your house.


Why Vinyl Deck Boards?

Vinyl is Long Lasting

Because there is no deterioration with pvc, vinyl deck boards will add beauty as well as value to your home for years to come. And that is what you can expect with vinyl decking. Traditionalists may say that no decking material will last longer than good old wood. However, when exposed to extreme heat and cold over many years, wood has the tendency to crack, rot and deform. Vinyl decking, on the other hand, is made from highly durable synthetic materials that are proven to withstand long exposure to extreme heat and cold. Vinyl decks not crack or get deformed.

Vinyl is Rot Resistant

Vinyl decking is completely synthetic – no harmful fungi can thrive on it. Wood decking, on the other hand, is very prone to damage caused by fungi rot. When exposed to air, wood retains moisture, creating the perfect environment for fungi spores to feed, grow and damage your deck. Sure, there are some products that defend against rot, but eventually, the fungi win. Deck rot is just a natural process that is very hard to prevent. Forget about deck rot when you choose vinyl decking.

Vinyl is Cost Effective

While vinyl decking may initially cost more than wood decking, the long-term costs of maintaining vinyl deck boards is minimal. Vinyl decking doesn’t require the annual cleaning, sealing and staining costs that wood decks require. With simple regularly cleaning, your vinyl deck should look fresh every year.

Country Estate Fence, Deck & Railing

With many styles of PVC vinyl decking options, see us for custom designs as well. Get a custom look with our Embossed (wood grain effect) and streaked profiles. Find out why Country Estate Products is the vinyl deck and fence supplier in Marietta GA and Cobb County to call first.