An American Favorite

A house with a picket fence is still popular in metro Atlanta.Most would agree that nothing is as American as a house with a picket fence. Picket fences have been popular for several centuries, first seen around the beginning of the 17th century. Today, picket fences are still popular and have come to somewhat define the idea of suburban living and the American dream. Of course, the biggest attraction of the picket fence is its visual appeal, framing a yard or garden in a manner much like a picture frame.


… But With Maintenance Issues

Picket fences are most commonly made from wood. And so the biggest issue with wooden picket fences is the maintenance. A wooden fence is subject to general wear and tear, as well as the long term damage from sun, wind and rain. Plus, a wooden fence is also at risk from attack by termites and other wood boring insects. And, if you’re not planning to paint your fence, the long term care of your fence still requires at least a regular power washing and water sealer or stain.


Vinyl Picket Fencing to the Rescue!

But not to worry! Though picket fences are commonly made from wood, they can in fact be made from various other materials, including vinyl. If you like the idea of a house with a picket fence, but don’t want the maintenance, then consider vinyl. For many reasons, vinyl fences are rapidly becoming the most popular choice among homeowners in metro Atlanta.


Country Estate Fence, Deck & Railing

With many styles of picket fencing options available, visit our showroom in Marietta GA for custom fencing designs as well. Get a custom look with our Embossed (wood grain effect) and streaked profiles. Find out why Country Estate Products is the vinyl fence supplier in metro Atlanta to call first.